Villages, towns, cities and islands across the UK are dreaming up wild and wacky ways to encourage people to twin their toilets!

If you take on the challenge, you’ll need to achieve between five and 30 twins (depending on the size of your community), spread the word, involve different groups and work together.

You’ll find the specific criteria for Toilet Twinned Village, Toilet Twinned Town or Toilet Twinned City opposite, but in short the goals are:

1) To get your local council or MP involved

2) To twin a number of toilets across different categories:

  • Public toilets or toilets made available to the public through the Community Toilet Scheme
  • Cafés, pubs or restaurants
  • Local businesses
  • Community organisations
  • Churches or other faith communities
  • Schools or other educational establishments

3) Tell as many people as possible about Toilet Twinning by spreading the word in your community (a stand at an event, local presentations, leaflets and posters in key places, school assemblies etc)

4) To achieve media coverage for your efforts – or provide evidence of attempts to do so.

Once you reach your goal, you’ll receive a special certificate in recognition of your achievement.

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