Toilets, taps and training – a lifesaving trio

We are flushing away poverty, one toilet at a time.

By donating £60 to twin your toilet, you help fund a project in a poor community that will enable families to build a basic toilet, have access to clean water and learn about hygiene – a vital combination that saves lives.

When you twin, we’ll send you a certificate to hang in your loo – showing a photograph of your overseas toilet twin and GPS coordinates so you can look up your twin’s location on Google Maps!

2 billion people don't have somewhere safe to go to the toilet

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Rohingya twinning

More than 900,000 Rohingya people have fled for their lives to Bangladesh to escape violence in Myanmar. They still can’t return home, and they face new threats: mudslides caused by monsoon rains and the rapid spread of diseases in the over-crowded conditions. Today, you can twin your loo with a toilet block in the Rohingya refugee camps. A toilet can mean the world when you’ve got nothing.